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Breaking Stereotypes: Prehistoric Women Unleashed as the Ultimate Huntresses, Sabre-Tooth Tigers Beware!

In a stunning revelation that's rewriting the narrative of prehistoric prowess, scientists have thrown a prehistoric curveball our way – women were likely the alpha hunters, not the gatherers we thought they were. Move aside, stereotype; it's time for the fairer sex to take the spotlight as the ultimate sabre-tooth tiger slayers and woolly mammoth conquerors. For eons, we've clung to the idea that men were the mighty hunters, while women were relegated to the noble task of gathering berries and tending to the little ones. But hold on to your spears and gather your jaws from the prehistoric floor – two groundbreaking studies are challenging this age-old narrative. The first study, led by the formidable Dr. Cara Ocobock from the University of Notre Dame, dives into the biology of it all. It turns out, women weren't just gathering; they were biologically better suited to the grueling task of hunting. Picture this: a fearless prehistoric woman, oestrogen coursing through he