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Quantum Marvel: Levitating Mini Solar System Mesmerizes the World

Breaking the barriers of innovation, Quantum Innova developers unveil a captivating creation: a miniature model of the Solar System that levitates and mimics the movements of real planets. Crafted at a 1:100,000,000 scale, this model comprises eight planets constructed from metal and coated with a special material enabling them to hover gracefully above the base. The planets' positions synchronize with their real counterparts in the Solar System, achieved through an embedded GPS module and specialized software.

Breaking Limits: Japanese Engineers Unveil Velociraptor-Inspired Robot Sprinter

In a groundbreaking development, Japanese engineers have introduced a robot sprinter capable of reaching speeds up to 46 km/h. Drawing inspiration from velociraptors, ancient dinosaurs known for their agility, the engineers aimed to mimic their speed and maneuverability. Fascinating Insights: The robot features a unique design with of legs equipped with powerful engines. Its lightweight yet sturdy frame enables swift movements, pushing the boundaries of robotic agility.