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AI news: Frozen Fortresses: Siberian Discovery Challenges History's Farming Bias

In a jaw-dropping revelation from the icy depths of Siberia, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of the world's oldest fortresses, turning conventional wisdom on its head. Forget the notion that complex societies only sprouted with the advent of agriculture; these ancient Siberian hunter-gatherers were busy building elaborate defenses 8,000 years ago, showcasing their architectural prowess in a region known more for frost than fortresses. Nestled along the Amnya River in central Siberia, where winters are as formidable as the challenges facing hunter-gatherer communities, these ancient architects defied expectations. Fishing for abundant pike and salmonids, hunting elk and reindeer with bone and stone-tipped spears, and preserving their bountiful harvests in elaborately decorated pottery—these early Siberians were no strangers to a life of sophistication. What sets these fortresses apart is not just their architectural brilliance but their shocking timeline. Constructed 2