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Science: Unraveling the Brain's Mysteries: Cerebellum Takes Center Stage in Human Cognitive Evolution

In a twist that challenges the longstanding belief that the neocortex reigns supreme in the evolution of human cognition, groundbreaking research has thrust the cerebellum into the spotlight. Forget the neocortex; the "little brain" might just be the brainiac behind advanced cognitive functions. Move over, neocortex – it's time for the cerebellum to shine! The saga unfolds with scientists from Heidelberg University, led by the dynamic duo Prof. Dr. Henrik Kaessmann and Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister, revealing the hidden secrets of the cerebellum's genetic development. Their quest took them through the evolutionary history of humans, mice, and opossums, unearthing both ancient and distinctive cellular characteristics that have shaped cognitive evolution for over 160 million years. Now, prepare for a brain teaser: The human cerebellum boasts a nearly double proportion of Purkinje cells compared to mice and opossums in the early stages of fetal development. These large, c