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Futuristic HeRo Trucks Transforming Deliveries in Finland

In a scene reminiscent of the animated movie "Cars," robotic HeRo trucks have hit the streets of Finland, revolutionizing urban goods delivery. These robo-couriers, capable of reaching speeds of 25 km/h, are now transporting parcels weighing up to 300 kg. Powered by electric motors and equipped with cutting-edge cameras and sensors, HeRo trucks navigate the cityscape seamlessly, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods. With their eye-catching design inspired by beloved animated characters, these autonomous couriers are turning heads and transforming the logistics landscape.

Robo-Hound Shatters World Record: The Usain Bolt of Robots

Researchers from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have unleashed Hound, a quadrupedal robot, setting a new global record in the 100-meter dash. Hound sprinted the distance in an astonishing 19.87 seconds, surpassing the previous record set by DARPA's Cheetah in 2012 by 0.2 seconds. Clocking in at a speed of 18 km/h, Hound has officially become the Usain Bolt of the robot world. With four legs and electric motors, Hound boasts impressive speed capabilities. Equipped with a sensor system, it navigates space adeptly, avoiding obstacles along the way. This robotic marvel demonstrates the cutting-edge achievements in robotics, showcasing not only speed but also agility and advanced sensor technology.

AI news: EU Presses Google and Apple on Digital Services Act Compliance

The European Commission is seeking detailed responses from tech giants Google and Apple regarding their adherence to the new Digital Services Act (DSA) on their respective app platforms. In an official statement, the EU executive body stated, "The Commission requests service providers to provide more information on how they have diligently identified any systemic risks related to the App Store and Google Play." The EU's inquiry comes in the wake of Google losing an antitrust case to Epic Games, where Google Play was deemed a monopoly. Tim Sweeney's company secured a significant victory after a federal jury recognized Google's app monopoly on Android. The verdict, delivered in a San Francisco federal court on Monday (12.11.23), agreed that Google's dominance affected Epic's business. Reacting to the victory at X (formerly Twitter), CEO Sweeney tweeted, "Victory against Google! After 4 weeks of detailed courtroom testimony, a California jury ruled again