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Sounds from the future

This is how VR shopping should look like in the future. Such a concept does not allow you to try them on yourself, but it will be good to look at them from all sides. Probably the strangest exercise machine ever. With its help, you can feel like a real predator. It looks strange, but its developers assure that it effectively works all muscles.

AI news: Saudi Arabia's Spectacular Mountain Theater: Bridging Nature and Technology

Nestled within a mountain on the shores of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia is set to unveil a groundbreaking theater, seamlessly blending natural beauty with cutting-edge technology. This avant-garde venue will feature an immersive space, allowing spectators to fully engage with the performances through state-of-the-art technologies like 3D visualization, virtual and augmented reality. Promising to set a new benchmark in entertainment, the theater's creators envision a space where an array of events, from concerts and performances to festivals and sporting competitions, will captivate audiences.