10-Year-Old Prodigy Aiming for the Stars: Linda Pistun's Cosmic Journey from Calligraphy to Astrophysics

Linda Pistun's
Move over, regular 10-year-olds! Linda Pistun is not your average fifth-grader – she's a bona fide genius, a card-carrying member of Mensa, and her IQ is so high, it's probably having tea with Einstein in the intellectual stratosphere. But Linda isn't letting her prodigious brainpower go to her head; she's got her eyes on the stars, literally.

Let's start with the basics. Linda Pistun is a 10-year-old wunderkind, a member of Mensa, which means her IQ is somewhere in the stratosphere – at least in the 98th percentile of brainiacs. But here's the kicker: Linda doesn't know her IQ score, and her parents are keeping it under wraps. Why, you ask? Well, they want to avoid sibling squabbles over who's the smartest in the family, and they're sparing Linda from the pressure of being compared to other pint-sized prodigies.

But Linda isn't just a brain in a jar. No, this summer, she's been taking the University of Virginia's Summer Language Institute by storm. While most kids are mastering the art of water balloon fights, Linda is conquering Mandarin classes remotely from her home in Gainesville. Oh, and did we mention she's a published author? Linda recently penned "Linda and the Mysterious Footprints," a scientific journey that makes Sherlock Holmes look like an amateur detective.

In her spare time – because apparently, she has some – Linda dazzles with her musical talents, playing both the violin and the piano. Why the violin, you ask? Well, because Einstein played it, and if it's good enough for the guy who unlocked the secrets of the universe, it's good enough for Linda.

And speaking of unlocking the universe, Linda has big plans for her future. Brace yourselves; this prodigy is gearing up to tackle high school this fall at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. But that's just the beginning; her eyes are set on UVA, where she dreams of studying astrophysics. Her grand plan? Enroll as a full-time student at the ripe old age of 14.

Linda Pistun
Now, let's add a touch of drama to this cosmic tale. Linda is no stranger to UVA; she's been attending the Saturday Enrichment Program since the tender age of 6. And if you think being the youngest person in a college-level class fazes her, think again. Linda, standing at a whopping 53 inches tall, finds it amusing when she walks into a room and is asked, "Are you supposed to be here? Are you lost?" Classic Linda.

But what's in a name? Linda Pistun carries the legacy of her grandmother, Linda Franklin, a brilliant mind tragically lost to the infamous "D.C. snipers." Franklin, a former math and science teacher turned FBI analyst, left an indelible mark on Linda, connecting them through the wonders of science.

And as for Linda's favorite book? Brace yourselves – it's Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species." That's right, the foundation of evolutionary biology is bedtime reading for this pint-sized prodigy.

Linda Pistun
So, what's next for Linda Pistun? A rendezvous with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, of course! Linda is planning to use her UVA degree as a launching pad to graduate school at the California Institute of Technology, with her sights set on joining the cosmic elite at NASA. Watch out, universe; Linda Pistun is coming for you, armed with brains, talent, and a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.