Agility Robotics Unleashes the Future with Mass Production of Warehouse Humanoids

In a groundbreaking move, Agility Robotics unveils RoboFab, the world's first mass-production facility for bipedal humanoids designed for warehouse tasks.

Unveiling RoboFab: Agility Robotics, the pioneering company in bipedal robotic development for warehouse operations, announces the inauguration of RoboFab in the state of Oregon, USA. This revolutionary facility, slated to commence operations in early 2024, is set to be the first-ever mass-production hub for such robots globally.

Meet Digit: At the heart of RoboFab's production line stands Digit, the brainchild of Agility Robotics. Digit, a bipedal humanoid, boasts a diverse skill set tailored for warehouse environments. Its capabilities include lifting and transporting goods, sorting items, and managing equipment efficiently.

Revolutionizing Warehouse Dynamics: Digit represents a significant leap in the evolution of warehouse automation. Its versatility promises to reshape how tasks are executed within these dynamic environments, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations.